Travel to Lhasa in Winter

In most travelers’ eyes, autumn is the most beautiful season in Lhasa. Fewer people are willing to travel to Tibet in winter even think poorly of Tibet winter tour. They hold the view that it is too cold to travel, and there is no living thing due to the chilly weather. Is that true? In fact, those people must have some misunderstandings about the winter in Lhasa. To be honest, you will feel like walk into a fairy tale when you travel to Lhasa in winter because the scenery is really attractive and unique.

According to the record, 88 percent of the days in winter are sunny. You don’t have to worry about the heavy snows and rains in Lhasa. The weather will be dry and sunny. The average temperature is 16 degrees in winter, and the sky is clean with fewer clouds. Enjoy the warm sunbath, ancient sculptures, elaborate fresco, solemn pagodas, and visit the splendid Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, how wonderful the trip is!

There are several reasons for having a winter tour in Lhasa.

Firstly, it is the best time to have a warm sunbath in Lhasa. Compared with other remote areas in Tibet, Lhasa is warm enough for travelers. The temperature is even high than some places in northern Chinese cities. In the daytime, the temperature can reach above ten degrees. When the sun rises up, people will walk out their houses and enjoy the warm sunlight. The roof of the house is the best place for you. Lie on a chair, and have a nap under the sun.

Secondly, you can enjoy a cup of sweet tea in a local tea house. Sweet tea is a famous drink in Tibet. Many travelers may be unaccustomed to the taste of the buttered tea, but most of them like the sweet tea much. In the dry winter, drinking a cup of sweet tea in a local tea house is the primary option. You will meet many Tibetans in the tea house and spend the whole afternoon with their friends.

Thirdly, you can feel the power of belief, even in the coldest season. Tibet is regarded as the holiest place in the pious Buddhists’ eyes. Although it snows heavily in the outside, they still head to this holy place on foot for the purpose of seeking blessings and show their worships of Buddhism. No matter how extreme the climate is, all the pious believers in different ages will start their kora to Lhasa. You will meet them on the way to Lhasa, and be stunned by their beliefs.

Fourthly, you can take a hot spring bath on the highest snow mountains. What is the best thing to do in winter? Of course, the answer is to take a hot spring bath! Yangbajain hot spring is a must-see place in Lhasa. With more than four thousand meters, Yangbajain hot spring is surrounded by the grand mountains. Having a hot spring bath is a good choice for you.

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