Travel Tips for Tibet Tour

Plan Tibet Tour in Advance

Because of the unique background in Tibet, travelers should plan the tour in Tibet in advance. Because you are required to have Tibet Travel Permit, but this permit can only be applied by a Tibetan tour company. The application of this permit is very complex and time-consuming. Normally, it takes the agency twelve days to apply for this permit. What’s more, booking a local hotel always takes you several days.

Permits Needed in When Traveling in Tibet

There are two main gateways for tourists to enter Tibet. The first way is to enter Tibet from China. If you travel to Tibet from China, you should apply for Chinese Visa firstly in your own country. If you travel to Tibet from Nepal, you should apply for Group Tourist Visa. For all foreigners, Tibet Travel Permit is the obligatory document no matter you enter Tibet from China or Nepal. Tibet Travel Permit is very important. It is needed when you board on the flight or train, check in the hotel, visit scenic spots, etc. Besides those permits, you also required to have Alien’s Travel Permit and Military Permit when traveling to some remote Tibetan areas.

Best Tibet Tour Time

The best Tibet tour time is from May to October. During this period, the weather is warm and comfortable. The content of the oxygen content is higher than other months. Travelers must be stunned by the attractive natural scenery. If you want to save money, you can also choose to travel to Tibet in winter. Winter is the slack tourist season, so the price of the entrance fare, vehicle, accommodation, etc is less than the peak tourists season. Some attractions are even in free. If you visit Tibet in winter, Lhasa is the ideal place to go. The temperature in Lhasa is higher than other remote Tibetan areas. The average temperature in the daytime is about ten degrees, while it will drop to zero degrees at night. You should wear some warm and thick clothes after sunset.

Foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet in February and May because of the celebration of the grand Tibetan New Year. Thus, you should avoid the two months.

Packages in Tibet

Due to the high altitude in Tibet, travelers may suffer from the high altitude sickness. Main symptoms are a headache, nausea, fatigue, insomnia and panting. Thus, before entering Tibet, please bring some medicine with you.

Due to the thick air in Tibet, the sun rays on Tibetan plateau is strong than other places. Travelers should take some items to protect your skin, such as sunglasses, caps, and tan lotion are necessary to prevent sunburnt on the plateau.

Due to the big difference between the daytime and the night, warm and waterproof jackets are recommended, and down-padded garments are suitable for traveling to Ngari or for mountaineering.

Take a Train to Tibet instead of Flying to Tibet

Compared with taking a flight to Tibet, taking a train to Tibet is the best way for tourists. There are two main reasons. The first reason is to adapt to the high altitude sickness during the train journey. The second reason is to enjoy the charming natural scenery along the Qinghai Tibet Railway.

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