Tibet Motorcycle Tour Package Tips

Nowadays, some tourists travel Tibet by train, planes or buses, while some are interested in cycling.  It’s important for travelers who are planning Tibet motorcycle tours to prepare the package well. Especially for the new starters. In order to help you have a wonderful motorcycle tour, I collect some information about the Tibet motorcycle tour package.

A motorcycle tour always takes dozens of days. For the riders, bringing too many packages is a burden. If you are still confused about the motorcycle tour package, you can follow the steps listed below.

Keep Balance on Both Sides

The primary thing which the riders should pay attention is that keeping the same weight on both sides of the motorcycle. When travelers are cycling in the Tibetan Plateau, they will feel very frustrated if their packages are unbalanced. What’s more, it is very dangerous for the riders to drive the motorcycle because the heavy side of the package will make the motor gradient, even fall down. So, the rider must keep the balance of the package.

Package with Your Partner

Normally, riders will ask other partners to join their team. And Tibet Group Tour is very famous. Thus, you may pack for another people. It’s very important for riders to decide what to bring and what to leave. It is common sense for all riders that they should take half clothes away and bring twofold money when cycling with your partner.

Clothes Package

It’s an important skill for motorcycle riders to pack what kind of clothes. Normally, it’s not a wise decision to pack all kinds of clothes for the different weather. On the contrary, riders should reduce the package of clothes in order to leave more room for other things. You’d better take some light things including shits, pants, socks, underwear and a pair of shoes. It’s not a good ideal for riders to bring the thick and heavy clothes. Because these clothes will occupy a lot of bag space. If you really need to bring thick clothes, you can pack them in a vacuum bag.

The Principle of Putting Heavy Packages

When you arrange your package, you should put the heavy things on the bottom of your bag. Only by this way, your light and fragile items won’t be squashed easily. What’s more, your bag will be balanced if your heavy things are put well on both sides.

Recyclable Things

You can bring some recyclable things in your package like a waterproof bag. It can be used when you wash your clothes and wear on a rainy day. These kinds of things can not only save more space but also can utilize the things to the largest extent.

Group Cycling

You can join a group cycling tour when you travel to Tibet. Because when you are in trouble, you can get the first aid from your team member. Besides that, you can pack the package with your partner and share things with each other.

To sum up, you have already known how to pack your bags in an efficient way. Now, start your Tibet cycling tour, and enjoy the marvelous views.


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