Tibet Cycle Tour

Cycling in Tibet seems like a tough challenge for most travelers as a result of the bad road condition, extreme climate, and high mountains. However, if you are full of enthusiasm about this challenge and make it happen, you won’t forget the thrilling and exciting journey. During the journey, you will be astonished by the blue sky, clean lakes, traditional customs and high mountains. For a new starter, planning your Tibet tour well is very important. A travel agency is necessary for cyclists. Book a professional one and start your Tibet cycle tour.

Tibet Permits

International travelers are not allowed to enter into Tibet without the Tibet permit. This permit is required when you are at the train station or airport. With the help of your travel agency, you can get this permit. Some other permit like the Military Permit is only be needed when you travel to some places which are closed to foreigners.

Bike Preparation

The main cycling tool is the mountain bike. There are two ways for travelers to have a cycling tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu. The first way is to bring your own bicycle to Tibet by transferring. The second way is to buy or rent a bike in Lhasa. After finishing your cycling tour, you can sell them out. In order to have a successful tour, you should bring some tools for repairing.

Cycling Time

The best time for travelers to have a Tibet cycling tour is from June to October. November is the winter in Tibet, and the road may be blocked by the heavy snows. So, during this time, you’d better not cycle in Tibet. It is dry and windy in Tibet from October to April. The weather in Tibet is still cold during this time, and it still has little rains and snows. The sky is clear and the weather is fine from June to August. Although Tibet has entered summer at this time, it is the best time for cyclists to enjoy the grand mountains, traditional building, and peaceful villages. It has a lot of rain in Tibet after August. The road condition is very bad at this time, and it’s really dangerous for travelers to have a Tibet cycle because of the potential danger of the landslides.


The temperatures in the daytime and at night are totally different. In the daytime, the temperature can reach 20°C, while it may drop below 0°C at night. So, you’d better bring some warm clothes and shoes when you cycle in Tibet. What’s more, you also should bring a waterproof coat and a pair of water-proof shoes, even in July and August. Wind-proof clothes are also needed because the wind is strong in the Tibetan Plateau.

Other Items You Should Take

When you cycle in Tibet, you are always in some remote areas. So, it’s inconvenient for cyclists to buy some goods. You should package some necessary things in advance, including a high – quality water-proof tent, a warm sleeping bag, some medicine and adequate food and water.

Do prepare well, and enjoy Tibet cycling tour.

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