The Best Time for Tibet Cycling Tour

Tibet is a mysterious region in most travelers eyes because it is located in the inner area of Asia surrounding by high mountains. Tibet is a holy land for Buddhists so you will see many ancient temples and monasteries when traveling to Tibet. Tibet is also a paradise of wild animals owing to the boundless forests and grasslands. Because of the complex geographies, Tibet cycling has become the ultimate challenge for cyclists who are fond of risks. Choosing the best time plays an important role for travelers to start their Tibet cycle tour.

What is the Best Time for Tibet Cycling Tour

Foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet alone, so you need to book a local travel agency. Your travel agency will apply for the Tibet Travel Permit, arrange a small Tibet tour group, restaurants, accommodation, and vehicles for you. Travelers always travel to Tibet from mainlands of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc. The best time for you to cycle to Tibet from those cities is from April to October. November is not the right time for cyclists to have their cycling tour because it is very cold. The road is blocked by the heavy snow. Cycling to Tibet during this period can be very dangerous.

Tibetan Climate

Tibet is a special region because of the high altitude sickness, oxygen shortage, changeable climate, and various geographies. You need to consider the Tibetan weather factors when you start your activities in Tibet, especially when you plan to cycle to Tibet. Commonly, in the northwest of Tibet, the climate is cold and dry. While in the Southeast of Tibet, the climate is warm and wet. In a day, the temperature varies from daytime to night. In the daytime, the temperature can rise above ten degrees, while at night, the temperature can drop down to zero. So you need to bring some warm clothes when you are having a Tibet cycling tour. Thanks to the strong sun rays, you also need to bring sunglasses and suncream.

Tibetan Four Seasons

April to May is the spring in Tibet. It is warmer and warmer and snows begin to melt. If you want to cycle to Tibet during this period, you’d better start your tour in early April, because it is closed to foreigners in Tibetan New Year. June to August is the summer. It is the peak season for Tibetan tourism. The oxygen content is higher than other months, thus, you can cycle to Tibet during this period. September to October is the fall, the sky is clear enough to see the peaks of high mountains like Mt Everest. It’s also the peak season for Tibetan tourism. During this period, you can travel to Tibet by hiking, trekking, and cycling. November to March is the winter. Foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet from February and March for several weeks because of the political reasons. It is very cold for travelers to cycle. The snow is heavy and the temperature is low. The road is closed because of the heavy snow. Do not have a Tibet cycling tour in winter.

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