Sixteen Days Tibet Nepal Cycling Tour

Compared with the past, cycling is easier because the condition of the roads is improved to a large degree. And it is convenient for cyclists to find accommodation, restaurants, vehicles, etc with the development of tourism. But do you know what the best place is for bikers to explore the natural views? Frankly speaking, Himalaya ranges are the best place for you to enjoy the artless sightseeing. Tibet and Nepal are the two famous tourist destination for travelers at home and abroad. Cycling in Tibet and Nepal must a pleasant journey for you because you can get close to the Tibetan traditional religion-Buddhism, Tibetan famous attractions such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, etc, unique monasteries with Nepalese features, and diverse landform in Nepal.

You’d better regard Lhasa – the capital of Tibet as the starting point in this journey, and Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal as the terminal point. Why do we start in Lhasa? There are some undoubted reasons listed as follows.

As the center of Tibet, Lhasa is the best place for tourists to adapt to the high altitude sickness. Before starting your cycling tour, you should have some days to accommodate the altitude. Besides that, the transportation is Lhasa is very convenient. Travelers can get to take a train to Lhasa, Tibet, or take a flight to Tibet. What’s more, there are lots of attractions and holy Tibetan monasteries, including Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, etc.

After several days tour in Lhasa, you can start to cycle from Tibet to Nepal. Here, I wanna introduce a sixteen days Tibet Nepal cycling tour to you, which is regarded as the most classic and meaningful route.

Day One: From Lhasa to Kamba-la Pass

Attractions along the way: Tsangpo River


Day Two: From Kamba-la Pass to Yamdrok Lake

Attractions along the way: Kamba-la Pass, Yamdrok Lake


Day Three: From Yamdrok Lake to Karola Pass

Attractions along the way: Yamdrok Lake, Karola Pass


Day Four: From Karola Pass to Gyantse Town

Attractions along the way: Karola Glacier


Day Five: From Gyantse Town to Shigatse

Attractions along the way: Palcho Monastery, Gyantse Dzong


Day Six: From Shigatse to Gyachung Monastery

Attractions along the way: Tashilhunpo Monastery


Day Seven: From Gyachung Monastery to Lhatse County

Attractions along the way: Tso La Pass, Lhatse County


Day Eight: From Lhatse County to Shegar

Attractions along the way: Gyatso-la Pass, Mount Everest


Day Nine: From Shegar to Rongbuk Valley

Attractions along the way: Pang Pass, Makalu, Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Everest


Day Ten: From Rongbuk Valley to Rongbuk Monastery

Attractions along the way: Rongbuk Monastery, Mount Everest


Day Eleven: From Rongbuk Monastery to Everest Base Camp

Attractions along the way: Everest Base Camp


Day Twelve: From Everest Base Camp to Old Tingr

Attractions along the way: Old Tingri


Day Thirteen to Fourteen: From Old Tingri to Gyirong County

Attractions along the way: Shishapangma Peak, Pekutso Lake


Day Fifteen: From Gyirong County to Gyirong Town

Attractions along the way: Gyirong Town


Day Sixteen: From Gyirong Town to Kathmandu

Attractions along the way: Gyirong Port

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